HydroLogic Stealth KDF Reverse Osmosis 300 System

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Designed for use in hydroponic and soil irrigation applications, the HydroLogic® Stealth Reverse Osmosis 300 System is a customized RO water filter that is capable of reducing more than 98 percent of all contaminants in tap water--including chloramines. Leading the industry in efficiency, the Stealth includes a choice of both 1-to-1 and 2-to-1 waste-to-product water ratios. Stealth has been the top-selling filter in gardening and hydroponics for more than 10 years. The Stealth RO 300 produces 300 gallons per day of ultra-pure water. Stealth RO units now produce 50 percent more water than previous models. Includes a four-stage RO unit, two RO membranes, KDF85/catalytic carbon filter for chloramine removal, cleanable sediment filter, membrane power flush kit, automatic shut-off valve, pressure gauge with colored operating zones, wall-mountable metal bracket, garden hose connector, inline shut-off valve, 8-foot product water and drain tubing, 5-foot inlet tubing, filter wrench and instructions. Built in the USA; measures 18.5 inches by 16 inches by 6 inches and weighs 13.5 pounds.